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About us

Paul Martínez Caulín, Licentiate and Fine arts and specialized in Photography of Architecture and of Product, and founder of Caulinphoto, it realizes the works with special care in the details, managing to transmit the essence of the space photographed across the selection of the settings, the combination of natural and artificial light and a guessed right postproduction that accentuates the volumes and the light, creating very suggestive images.

The Photography of Architecture faces habitually two problems: the dependence of the light sets and the lack of sufficient space to realize a setting that contains the whole structure to coming out in photographs. Both problems are solved applying the knowledge and experience on the correct utilization of the light, and with a suitable equipment.

The Photography of Product needs to be capable of creating a study in any site, contributing both the creativity and the appropriate conditions of light, environment and photographic capture, etc .. it is for this that always we illuminate and prepare everything necessary to be able to realize the work in conditions, in order that then the photographic magic arises simply.